Wick Lane, railway men's cottages, c.1915 - 1930.

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  • 1f I remember rightly, Mrs Collins lived in the end house. Mrs Elvin next door. Then Mrs Fountain. Then Mrs Walker. Then I cannot remember who was next to her. I believe it may have been Mrs Greece who committed suicide. I often was told off by Mrs Collins for kicking the football against her wall. I was Dennis.

    By Dennis Fountain (30/05/2021)
  • We lived in the big house just over the railway crossing in Wick Lane. Well the top half rented. Never been back for years. Would love to know what it’s like there now. Had a big orchard and cob nut trees. Must have a look soon, now live in Maldon.

    By Geraldine brown (26/06/2019)
  • My grandparents, Mr and Mrs Elvin, lived in the house 4th from the right, and my father, George Elvin, was born there in February 1915.

    By Sandra Martin (10/03/2018)

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