Brock Hill area "Obelisks"

Having recently moved to Brock Hill, I have noticed some peculiar “obelisks” situated in the area. There areĀ 2 in Waverley Crescent, 1 in Grange Road and 1 in Carlton Road that I have found so far.

They are made of concrete and appear to have no electrical connection. I am not sure if they are boundary or estate markers, or something else.

If anyone could cast some light on this I would be grateful.

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  • That is interesting. I now live in Brock Hill area, and there is one opposite my bungalow at the bottom of Grange Road on the corner. I often wondered what it was, so thank you for clearing up that little mystery.

    By Val Ramsden (28/01/2020)
  • They are stink pipes to release fumes from the sewers, as they would explode otherwise.

    By bobcroot (23/05/2017)

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