Memories of Pre-fabs in Wickford.

A visitor to the 2018 Open Day talked about the pre-fabs where she lived.

Mrs Angela Randall showed us these photographs.

The top one, taken about 1950, is of her mother, Mrs Vincenzina Drain, by the pre-fabs in Willow Lane. This road no longer exists but was in the part of Wickford, off the Nevendon Road, which now has Laburnum Drive/Keats Way/ Farnes Avenue.

The second photograph is of Angela with her mother on the day of her First Communion. The road behind them is Farnes Avenue.

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  • I was about 2-3 years old, maybe younger. I am now 62, and although I can’t remember there I was told I lived in 11 Willow Lane around that time.

    By del (28/04/2021)
  • I lived in 2 Willow Lane, from 1947 until 1959, with my Mum and Dad and two sisters. Many happy memories.

    By Linda Nice (nee Benson) (24/04/2021)
  • There are more photos of this prefab estate and a copy of a rent card from 1947-8 on the Prefab Museum website. Search ‘Wickford’ on

    By Jane Hearn (01/12/2019)
  • I clearly remember the prefabs. They were empty at the time, just prior to the redevelopment of that area.

    By Kevin Mears (05/05/2019)

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