Runwell 1977: Celebrating the Queen's Silver Jubilee.

Peter Edwards remembers the Waverley Crescent Street Party, June 1977

I lived in Runwell during the 1970s and 1980s (I now live in Vancouver, Canada) and in 1977 I was secretary of the Runwell Jubilee Fund Raising Committee.

These photos are from the street party celebrating the Queens Silver Jubilee in Waverley Crescent.

Both my late wife and myself were Scout leaders in the Runwell Scouts, Cubs and Brownies, and I have many photos of these groups and their activities.

Waverley Crescent Silver Jubilee Street Party June 1977
Waverley Crescent Silver Jubilee Street Party June 1977
Start of annual Runwell Boxing Day "walking the footpaths" hike. Outside the village hall. Jim Sloane in the flagged hat and my late wife Susan Edwards in the white sweater foreground.

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  • In reply to David Clarkson, this was walk number 3, and there were 28 of us. It was the only one from the Village Hall, all the others up to about 8 or 9 were from the Quart Pot. On walk number 6 there were 130 of us, and the manager of the Quart Pot gave all of us a hot punch at the start, as his wife had had a baby. This year will be my 48th walk, and since my 32nd walk I have had a collection for The Sarah Kitchener Perrow Fund, which raises money for the Brain Tumour Charity. All welcome.

    By David De`Ath (04/04/2022)
  • Julie Stacey, I remember calling at your house, the window was open and your sister and you were singing “Our house, in the middle of our street”, and your mum, Beryl, asking my dad and me for scallions. We looked at each other, “What?”. So your mum said “a bunch of spring onions, where I come from that’s what we call them”. Yes, we had some. What a laugh.

    By David De`Ath (30/03/2022)
  • David Clarkson, it was the third walk. I did the first from the Quart Pot, up to about walk number 8, then from the Runwell Park. This was the only one from the village hall. We still meet at the park on Boxing Day at 10 am for a 10-30am. start.

    By David De`Ath (18/03/2022)
  • My sister and I were at the Silver Jubilee party, (Julie & Louise Atkinson). Our Mum, Beryl, was involved with Runwell Brownies and Guides. David used to deliver our fruit and veg every weekend, such a lovely man.

    By Julie Stacey (06/02/2021)
  • I remember my dad dressing up as a Womble. I knew it was him as the trousers weren’t quite long enough. However, he always denied it.

    By Angela Wells (was Davison) (19/02/2020)
  • David started the Boxing Day walk in 1975. He has written about how the walk started in an article elsewhere on this website, ‘Runwell Boxing Day walk, a history’.

    By Bob Plimmer (15/02/2020)
  • I can see a young-looking David De’Ath standing to the immediate left of Jim Sloane in the Boxing Day Walk picture. David still organises this walk every Boxing Day from the playing field car park in Church End Lane, which goes up to the Running Well. I was in the First Runwell Cubs and Scouts when David was there. I wonder if this was the first of these walks. Anybody know ?

    By David clarkson (10/02/2020)

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