Hawkins Close.

Amanda Bridge has asked for information.

I am not sure if you can help? We live at Hawkins Close (at the back near the railway line).
I was told a couple of years ago (by a local taxi driver) that the plot of land that the Close stands on originally contained 3 houses that belonged to sisters, which had been built by their father. Do you know if there is any truth to the story? If so do you know who the man in question was?

If the information is false could you tell me what was on the site originally?

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  • Of course. It was Jeannette Cardnell who is connected to St Catherine church and who still lives in Wickford.

    The plot had an orchard, horses and for a time a small mini railway.

    By David smith (06/02/2020)
  • There was a large white house belonging to the mother and father. They had 3 daughters for which he built 3 bungalows. The white house was directly opposite Cherry Lane. I never knew his name, but one of the daughters was Mrs Moss, might have been Margaret. I think she moved down London Road, Wickford.

    By Deborah fricker (09/03/2018)

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