In and Around Swan Lane

Photographs from the John Neville Collection

Swan Lane
Swan Lane
Swan Lane
Swan Lane
Jersey Gardens
Elm Road
Elm Road

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  • My brother and I were born in Elm Road, it was number 12a, but then changed to number 17. This was in 1942 and 1947. Our name was Knight. My two sons were also born there in 1960 and 1961. This was at the same time as the road was made up. My parents left Elm Road in the 1990s to move to Spencer Court.

    By Pam Kernick (11/01/2016)
  • You are right Bob Croot. The house you talk about, was lived in for as many years as I can remember by Ben Simpson. His son Ray married an Italian lady and they now live in Italy. Ben was a postman in Wickford for many years and was married to Elsie. We used to leave our bikes at his  house when we went to the pictures (cinema) which became Woolworths. Uncle Ben was the brother of Charlie Simpson, who was married to Florie, my mum’s sister. At one time Ben was thought to have some ‘magic’ powers over electrics in the cars of the day. He could often get them started, when others couldn’t.

    By Dennis Smith (27/12/2014)
  • I also remember this cottage was lived in by a Mr Simpson, who was the local postman in the late 1950s. His sons are still around, I think.

    By BOBCROOT (08/03/2013)
  • The last but one photograph on this page shows Elm Road, Wickford. A look straight down the bottom of the short road focuses on a weatherboard clad cottage. This was ‘Victoria Cottages’ and was the original home of my late great grandfather and grandmother on my mother’s side, Henry and Florence Salmons, who afterwards moved into Jersey Villas. My great grandfather was a track worker on the railway and I have a photograph of him at work.

    By T.A. Williams (09/09/2012)

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