Runwell Boxing Day Walk, a history.

How it got started

After the 1975 December Parish Council Meeting I talked to Joe Mason, Jim Thompson and other Parish Councillors about what we did over the Christmas Holiday. I said “Usually eat too much on Christmas Day, so on Boxing Day, my brother Ken and I go out and walk along some of the parish footpaths and often go to the The Running Well”.  Joe Mason then asked if he could come along as well, with some of his relations. I said, “OK, lets meet at the Quart Pot car park at 10.30 am, it would take about two hours from start to finish. Now the Annual Boxing Day Walk had started.  On the first walk 12 of us met at the Quart Pot and walked Footpath No.7 up to Poplars Farm, turned sharp right and walked along Footpath No.5 to the Running Well. When we got there I did a quick talk about the history of the Parish, we then continued back along Footpath No.5 to Footpath No.7, turned sharp right and continued along the footpath past Poplars Farm House to Warren Road, where we turned right again and walked down to Footpath No. 10 on the right (the footpath follows Runwell Hospital fence) and back to Runwell Road, turned right and back to the Quart Pot car park. They all enjoyed the walk and asked if I would do it again next year.  I said “Ok”.  This year, 2012, is the 38th walk. The time is still 10.30 am and we now meet at the car park in Runwell Park, in Church End Lane, and finish at 12.30 pm, and always visit the Running Well. At the start of each walk we have a charity collection. See you all next year, 2013.

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  • Noted the detail of this walk, as it goes past Poplars Farm. I was born there 28th Sept. 1938. Would like to join you for the 2013 walk if I may. From Poplars, we moved to Woodham Ferrers, and then moved back to live at South Hanningfield Post office, and shop. I had my first job, on the gardens at Runwell Hospital. My wife, Barbara Clarkson, also worked there, and we married at Runwell Church 23rd September 1961. This was to be the last wedding carried out by Rev Basil Corbin. We have a recording of the service, so can hear his voice, if only we can find a way of playing the thing – darn this modern world!! Regards.

    By Dennis Smith (31/05/2013)

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