The Wick before it was built upon - wild flowers.

This is a close up of wild daisies that used to grow on The Wick

Wild daisies on The Wick
from DJWestgarths album

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  • My brother, Colin Flexman, told me that he swam in the river – presumably the Crouch, which ran through the Wick and that there were lock gates that he dived off.  This would have been in the 1940s.

    By SANDRA ELLIS (Nee Flexman) (13/11/2013)
  • I well remember the Wick before it was built on….a friend of mine Colin Sparks and I would often walk across the Wick to look at the wild flowers that grew over there. We often went just to look at the wild primroses and the wild orchids that grew there….when it was announced that the bulldozers and developers had got their way. I removed a small sappling of a horse chestnut tree….which today is thriving in the hedgerow near my house.

    By Trevor A. Williams (27/09/2012)

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