I was wondering if anyone could help me. I’ve just moved to the Wickford area after living in London all my life and would love to know the history of my road and my house. I’m a great lover of anything historical and spent many years researching the history of the area and house and people who lived there in my old home in London.

So if anyone has any history on Castledon Road, Wickford, please get in touch.

Can anyone tell me why there is no number 24 Castledon Road, when there is a 22 and 26?

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  • Sunbeam was half way between the river and the railway bridge. There were two properties on the plot.

    By Tim Gotts (09/07/2020)
  • The nudist colony was at SUNBEAM, which was a large bungalow on the left, immediately before the railway bridge in the Downham direction. I delivered Sunday papers there in the 1950s for Adcocks of Wickford. A large wooden gate entry read ‘PRIVATE – FOR SUNBEAM USERS ONLY’. It had a lot of land at the back which I guess the sun worshippers used. I never managed to see any of the members in the nude, although it was about 8 am., ….but it was well known in the paper shop.

    By David clarkson (30/01/2016)
  • I believe the naturist club was further down Castledon Road, near the railway line.

    The reason there is no number 24 is probably because when the houses were given numbers there was room to build another house between 22 and 26.

    By C H Nason (20/01/2016)
  • Hi, will somebody please let us all know whether no. 24 was the site of the Naturist Club, which was in that road, or where was it. I never used it as I did not know it was there until too late.  I was naive in those days.

    By bob croot (13/04/2015)

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