Where were these pictures taken?

Can you confirm that the sites are in Wickford?

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  • Yes I think you’re right. The first two are Runwell Road during the 1958 flood, backing onto the river. The third and fifth are Swan Lane.

    By BOBCROOT (05/04/2014)
  • Photographs 1 & 2 (a guess) flooded Runwell Road, 3 & 5 are definitely the Telephone Exchange in Swan Lane, which was also situated at the bottom of my Mother and Father’s back garden, of their bungalow in Jersey Gardens. I have photographs of it taken from Mum and Dad’s garden where at the rear there was an ugly yellow frame crane for lifting heavy machinery off of vehicles. Today flats occupy the site which is screened from Mum and Dad’s garden by a line of poplar trees. The 4th photograph, yes I’d agree with Mr.Fuller, opposite Prentice’s Cycle Shop off lower London Road, now the site of MORE flats. You can see the Bookies and just see the old hall that lays slightly back from the road.

    By T.A.Williams (04/04/2014)
  • Photo 3 – I now think was next to the telephone Exchange in photo 5.  Look closely you can see the same roof, windows and trees in both photos. So not as far up Swan Lane as I first thought!

    If my memory is right developers bought both properties for their land.

    By John Fuller (31/03/2014)
  • Photo 1 don’t know

    Photo 2 I think Runwell Road near the junction with Harold Gardens

    Photo 3 I think Swan lane very near the junction with Athelstan Gardens

    Photo 4 Road opposite Prentices Bicycle Shop London Road leading to the public toilets and the car park which is now the market. Photo around the late 1960’s early 1970’s.

    Photo 5 Telephone Exchange at the bottom end of Swan Lane about 100 yards up from the Swan Pub on the left. Photo around the late 1960’s early 1970’s.

    By John Fuller (30/03/2014)

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