Swan Garage.

Swan Garage, The Broadway, Wickford, on a wet day c.1953.

Someone was getting a piggy-back.

Was the bus on an Eastern National route?

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  • I am quite sure this is my father, Joe Green, being carried by Franklin the butcher!

    By DAVID GREEN (05/11/2018)
  • The bus looks like an old Campbells machine, and they were taken over by Eastern National in the early 50s. The Eastern National visitor service was number 247 and I think it ran from Basildon. Additionally the hospital ran their own regular bus service to and from Wickford, mainly for staff. Drivers included John Long and Bert Pickup. Both of my parents, Jack and Marge Clarkson, worked at the hospital so I was entitled to use the hospital bus to and from the hospital. I picked it up and alighted on return at Runwell Church as I lived in Church End Lane.

    By Dave Clarkson (24/04/2018)
  • Eastern National ran a bus service to Runwell Hospital on visitor days – Sunday and Thursday afternoons. Usually it was a double decker. Before the war, my father was superintendent there from before it opened until 1964.

    By John Strom-Olsen (14/04/2018)
  • Looking at the destination on the bus it looks like Runwell Hospital, but the bus looks like an Eastern National. The hospital ran their own bus service, which I am sure they never used Eastern National. Confused? So am I.

    By bobcroot (11/06/2017)

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