"Little Tudor Palace in Runwell"

Burr Hall

This is one of the photos and articles given to us by the Echo Newspapers of events and people of Wickford. This article is dated 1978.

“Architect Aubrey Goff believes in combining the old with the new.

He has just designed two of Wickford’s newest buildings, but his idea of home is one of the town’s oldest retreats.

Seven years ago he bought Burr Hall, a 450 year-old house standing in an acre of grounds in Runwell Road, and transformed the near-derelict building into a “little Tudor palace”.

But he soon discovered the the quaint old three-bedroomed house, with its baronial hall, minstrel gallery and priest-hole, already had a “tennant”.

Aubrey and his wife Anne and their two children believe the house is haunted.”


Does anyone know what other buildings he designed?

Mr Goff outside Burr Hall
Echo Newspapers

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  • His wife’s name was actually Georgina Goff, formally known as Jean.

    By Louis Scott (19/07/2019)
  • Inside the front door was a large slab when I went there some years ago. Was this the supposed tunnel from the church? I wonder…

    By bobcroot (23/05/2017)

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