Photos from the Peter Nutt Collection

This is a group of rarely seen photographs relating to Wickford. They are part of a collection donated to us by the family of Peter Nutt who died last year. Peter was a long time student of Wickford history and a noted genealogist. We will be showing more later. Can you give us any more details about these pictures?

Is this by the Swan?
Pete Nutt Collection
Mr Kemble's Hounds outside Mayes' store
Peter Nutt Collection
Is this a Salvation Army group?
Pete Nutt Collection
Wickford Railway Staff, c1915?
Peter Nutt Collection
Ernest Spells, drapers in the London Road, approx 1908-1914?

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  • Interesting pics.

    Top Pic – Yes, the photograph was taken from a position opposite the Swan with a part of the Swan visible on the far right. Left of centre, near the van but above the head of the horse with the white blaze, the shop sign reads “London Co-operative Society”.

    Third Pic – This photograph was taken outside the Mission Hall in the London Road on a still winter day as the flag just left of centre is not flying. The flag pole appears to be sited in front of a hut, the apex of which can just be seen. I am not sure what the object is just forward of the sign on the Mission Hall wall. It looks like the top of a water pump (fire hydrant?). The children on the left of the picture appear to have been arranged in height (age?) order. The lady on the far right is standing near a flag with the letters “FO” clearly visible and may be a part of the word “Wickford”. As all those present (apart from the two gentlemen in uniform who are likely police officers) I doubt this has anything to do with the Salvation Army and guess this is a woman’s organisation (WI?) waiting to enter the east door of the Mission Hall.

    By David C Rayment (16/08/2023)

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