Wantz Corner, can you help with the date?

From a Facebook post

Corrected photo: Note that the tree in the middle of the shot is still there, only much older and larger.
Peter Ostrowski

This photograph is one on Frith’s website, but has been circulated widely on Facebook. It is dated c.1955 but does anyone have more up-to-date information?

Copyright Friths.

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  • Editor: Well spotted Peter. What an interesting observation.

    By Bob Plimmer (07/04/2021)
  • I have recently noticed that there is a fault with the top photo. The middle part has been cut out and the top and bottom moved together to cover the gap. The second photo shows how it should look..

    By Peter Ostrowski (27/03/2021)
  • Top left is now Home Holly House.

    By bobcroot (28/02/2017)
  • I have got that wrong. Guilders Hill, with Whiteways is on the bottom right going up Swan Lane. Those distant houses could have been Pearmains Cottages, on the entrance to what is now the school road.

    By bobcroot (28/01/2017)
  • Looking again at this photo suggests to me that this is more like 1935, as to the right is a concrete post and railings which surrounded an open ditch, meaning the road at the top was Church End Road. Along there on the right were some large houses which I remember them being there in the 40s, and that was the main road for buses etc. as buses came down from Chelmsford. The island I remember had a sign behind the photographer which said pointing to Stock and Chelmsford, to the top left corner to Maldon and Burnham-on-Crouch along the Church End Lane, and Wickford and Southend to the right. The distant houses on the top right could be Whiteways on the left, or the red brick house on the right going up what we called Guilders Hill.

    By bobcroot (17/01/2017)
  • This looks very strange. It looks well before 1955, as I have lived here all my life, and there is no building either way, and there was at that time. Ask Lorraine Taylor, she lived there also.

    By bobcroot (12/01/2017)

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