Deirdre Avenue renumbered?

Basildon Heritage received the following request for help. I have searched all the databases open to me but have been unable to shed any light on this mystery. Can anyone help please?

Subject: 34 Deirdre Avenue, Wickford.
Message: Please can you help me? My grandparents lived at 34 Deirdre Avenue, between 1948 and 1953 (approx.) and I remember visiting them there, and that the property was on the left as you entered from London Road, then the only way in. I was in the area last September so was looking forward to seeing their old bungalow. Sadly this did not happen as the properties on the left were odd numbers, not even. I spoke to one resident who remembered something in the deeds, when she bought her bungalow, about the numbering being altered, but no detail.

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  • I have just found this article and it interests me as I was brought up in Deirdre Avenue and the writer is quite correct, the road was renumbered at around the time that it was opened up into Elder Avenue. I lived at 47 but, upon renumbering, I then lived at 56 and that numbering exists to this day. If the writer has not received any information, I might be able to help him/her and yet I have the feeling that this will be a lady writing. Does she give the name of her grandparents because I am wondering if it was Mr and Mrs Wilkinson, as I know that they had a little granddaughter? If I can help I will be pleased to do so.

    By Heather (21/06/2021)

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