Changes at Rettendon crossroads (now referred to as Rettendon Turnpike).

This photograph was taken and published in October 1967.

This photograph shows how much has changed on the road layouts on roads into and out of Wickford. Can you imagine the chaos there would be now?

More photos will be added. If you have any photos or memories of this and other roads in Wickford, please used the comments section.

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  • In about 1964 I had a 1955 VW Beetle car. On the way back from Chelmsford the clutch cable snapped, approaching this turnpike from Rettendon. I stopped the car at the junction then got my wife to give me a push and jump in as I slipped into first gear. I then managed to get all other gears until we got home. Can anyone imagine trying to do that in today’s traffic ….

    By R. F. Howard (30/04/2019)

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