Belmont Avenue, memories from the 1950s.

Sue Sage lived in Belmont Avenue in the 1950s, leaving in 1961. (She now lives in France and has been renovating her house there for the last 20 years). She has sent this photograph of her and her mum, and a sketch of the avenue as she remembers it. In those days Belmont Avenue was horse-shoe shaped, with two openings onto London Road. This was before Tudor Way, Belmont Close and Leasway were built.

Sue added other memories:

“Mrs Roots lived, I think, in a bungalow; I was friendly with her daughter Gillian.

Mrs Lavin’s son had married a Belgian girl, Gaby (?), but he was killed in the war. I remember her visiting with an enormous box of chocolates.

Frank and Nell Raven were brother and sister.

Our next-door neighbour, name of Mr. Mole, sold his house ‘The Dingle’, about 4 acres, before my family sold their’s, and an estate was built. My family sold in 1961.”

Belmont Avenue was a private road with a gate. Turning right out of Belmont Avenue, and on the right was a little shop called Latimers; it was very small, possibly the front room of a house.
"This photograph is of my mum and me standing at the far end of our garden (4 acres of it!). The photographer, probably my dad, was standing in front of a large pond. That part of the land was green belt. You can just see our house, 'Windermere'; there was a huge orchard, greenhouse and a tennis court".

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  • Do you remember Mrs Lavin’s son’s first name? The name Lavin does not appear on the Wickford war memorial. If he was a Wickford boy we would like to add him to the Roll of Honour. Basildon Heritage

    By Jo Cullen (Basildon Heritage) (01/11/2019)

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