Wickford's Lady Chimney Sweep

Reading the Echo today about a woman who has started a business in Westcliff as a chimney sweep, brought back memories of a conversation I had a few years ago with one of the old residents of Wickford.

He told me that a lady chimney sweep used to live in a small cottage just behind the houses on London Road in Woodlands Road. The photo below shows a small cottage that fits the description I was given.

He told me that sweeps were in demand as guests at local weddings as it was thought to be lucky.

Does anyone remember ‘our lady chimney sweep’ or have any photos of her?

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  • My uncle, Eric Clark, and his wife, Mary, lived in first cottage, and Mr and Mrs Carter lived next door.
    Warders bakehouse was at the rear.
    The cottages were owned by George and Olive Warder.

    By Linda Elmy (20/01/2020)
  • Yes, I remember Mrs Wren, she always came to sweep our chimneys in the 1940s and 50s.

    By Pam Kernick (09/02/2016)
  • The lady chimney sweep was a Mrs Wren.

    By bobcroot (25/01/2016)
  • Yes I remember the lady chimney sweep, although when working she looked a bit tomboyish. She used to be outside the secondary school in Market Road in the late 40s and she had a motorbike and sidecar, or was it a pushbike and sidecar? She had daughter who was tall with blonde hair and one leg, she had crutches. I believe they were related to Monya and Sheila Saunders who lived in Runwell Road.

    By bobcroot (18/01/2016)

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