Clockwise from top left:


My Mum, Ruth Flexman (nee Carter) in the doorway at our bungalow, Bryn Mawr in Athelstan Gardens, in 1944 with my brother Colin, aged 10 years and me, aged 12 months.


My Mum, Dad and Colin in the famous keyhole doorway at Bryn Mawr around 1939.  (Bryn Mawr was built by my Mum’s cousin, Silva Carter, in 1936)


My Mum left, with her sister Nora Styles (nee Carter) who was killed by one of our own shells in her back garden in Nevendon Road in October 1943, just a couple of days before I was born.  Her name is on the Memorial in Wickford Park.  I believe the lady on the right of the picture was my Mum’s friend Evelyn – does anybody know?


Our pet owl, Fluffy and me in our back garden around 1946/7.

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  • Hi Sandra
    Just checking that some old names/ friends are still alive!
    If this reaches you please make contact! Would be good to catch up.
    Jeremy Cole
    01284 828212

    By Jeremy Cole (20/11/2020)
  • Hi Sandra
    I am Julie, Beryl (House) daughter. We met at Mum’s, 2019, and Dad’s, 2014, funerals. I love this page I have just found. I have been looking at the Wickford Carter pages and recognised some names on here.

    By Mrs Julie A Miller (26/07/2020)

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