Shane Fenton aka Alvin Stardust

A history of Stardust in Wickford

On Sunday 29 July 1984, Alvin Stardust appeared at the Towngate Theatre as the finale of the Peace Festival. It had been a chequered career for Alvin. He had been a child actor and a rugby playing chorister. In the 60s he scored hits under George Martin along with his band the Fentones.

The family were originally from Mansfield, but his mother moved to Wickford and, together with her sister, ran the little Chalet Cafe near Wickford railway station.

People of a certain age will remember that Bernard Jewry was a huge recording star first as Shane Fenton and the Fentones, and later as Alvin Stardust.


Bernard Jewry aka Shane Fenton aka Alvin Stardust

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  • I remember Alvin Stardust’s mum who ran the cafe near Wickford station. My friend, Linda, and l used to go into cafe. In the cafe were all photos all round the walls of Alvin Stardust. His mum must be very proud of her son.

    By Teresa Maskell (08/04/2021)

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