George Key of Bretts Cottage, Runwell Road

Bretts Cottage stood opposite Runwell Hall, now the Thomas Kemble pub and restaurant. It was the home of George and Maud Key who worked for the Kemble family.

The Kemble family owned Runwell Hall and most of the farm land around.  Thomas was a batchelor and he lived with his sister Augusta, known as Gussie. When they died the estate was sold off.

Bretts Cottage Runwell Road, Maud is standing by the gate
A painting of Bretts cottage
This is a photo of the back door of Bretts cottage showing the washing facilities
George Key standing outside the stables of ? Runwell Hall
George, Maud and 'Gussie' stading in the garden of Bretts Cottage

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  • My family moved to numbers 1 and 2 Pondlands Bungalows, Runwell Road in September 1979. I remember the small field opposite Runwell Hall, with its unusual amount of rubble and pieces of brick in the soil. This must have been the remnants of Bretts Cottage. We used to play in the hay barns nearby. Interestingly, our property was also originally owned by the Kemble estate, the Mayes living at number 1 and Mr Key (who I think was a campanologist) at number 2. I wonder if he was related to the Keys at Bretts Cottage?

    By Paul Winslow (09/03/2019)
  • Could it be that they are standing out the front of the property, as the road is visible and what looks like a motor vehicle coming along in the distance ..?

    By Alan (05/05/2018)

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