The Quart Pot, Darts and Social Club, 1949

featuring Arthur James "AJ" Rose

This photograph shows my grandfather, Arthur James “AJ” Rose, as a member of the Quart Pot’s Dart and Social Club. It was taken in 1949. Mr. Rose is seated, second from the left.

The Rose’s (AJ, his wife Dorothy, and daughters Joan and Rosemary (“Mary”, my mother)) moved to Wickford from Hillingdon in 1940. They moved to Wickford at the suggestion of Dora Knapp who lived on Church End and worked in AJ’s office at the Air Ministry in London. The Rose’s lived at 6 Ilgars Road. When AJ retired in 1957, they moved to Westcliff-on-Sea.

My mother, Rosemary, married Hugh Peacock at St. Catherine’s in 1948. Hugh’s family, Clem and Dora Peacock, lived at “Rosemount” on Wick Beech Avenue. Colin Peacock was their oldest son.

Joan is still in Westcliff. My mother lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. My father passed away in 1973. Any information/memories regarding my family would be appreciated!


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  • Hello Marcus, I don’t have any information about your family but we do have a connection.

    My parents, John and Margaret Britt, nee Rippon, knew your parents, although I am not sure whether it was through work or church. My father’s family lived at Westcliff and my mother’s at Leigh-on-Sea. My parents moved to London when they married.

    There is a story to how I came across this page. I have become interested with a group of artists from the 1930s, the East London Group, and some of very varied work reminded me of a painting that throughout my life, until my father died six years ago, had hung in my parents’ house.

    It was a London scene although I was never sure where it was exactly. I was always intrigued about what was round the corner of the street depicted.

    I hadn’t given it much thought until recently but have been increasingly regretting that I hadn’t taken any notice of what had happened to it when my father died and found I was yearning to see it again.

    As it turned out it hadn’t gone far – just to my sister’s attic, from where it came just two days ago to live with me!

    It has no connection with the East London Group but it is painted by Hugh Peacock , who I believe was your father. It was painted in 1952 and framed at a shop in Leigh-on-Sea. The message on the back is to “John and Margaret from Hugh and Rosemary 1954”. So another memory came winging back – my parents did talk about Hugh and Rosemary Peacock. Their names were instantly familiar but I can’t remember any other details.

    I got down to some earnest googling this evening and was sad to find your mother’s obituary but I was sure she was the Rosemary Peacock whose name I knew.

    Your name and your sister’s were mentioned. I found your sister’s Facebook profile but it didn’t feel right to message her out of the blue. But googling your name led me to this page.

    Here is a link to view the picture…

    By Jennifer Britt (27/10/2015)

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