The Mystery of the Unknown Children.

Wickford on the radio.

Wickford was mentioned on the iPM programme on Radio 4 yesterday (17th April 2016).

I suppose at this point I ought to say Spoiler Alert because if you want to get the full impact of the programme you should probably read no further and go to the BBC iplayer and listen  to it.

The programme tells the story of Karel and Edit, two children who stayed in Wickford during the Second World War and a brief clip of them can be seen on the BBC website. This is from a home movie belonging to Simon Foster, which had been made by his father. The film shows the two children outside a house called Langlands in Wickford where Simon’s aunt and Uncle, Reg and Netta Fawcett, who were Christadelphians, lived. It seems that the two children were refugees from Moravia and stayed with the Fawcetts, who they said were very kind to them, for several years. The programme tells of how, through a series of coincidences, Simon was able to learn who the children were and that Karel was still alive in Australia.

The programme can be heard on the BBC iplayer.

The film clip can be seen at

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  • Was this the Fawcetts that owned the fruiterers on the arcade opposite the Castle pub, and lived up Harold Gardens?

    By bobcroot (13/12/2016)

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