Barry Patmore - Morten Harket come to town!

A Ha! and the fun run

When Barry Patmore lost his life to cystic fibrosis aged 15 years, an annual Fun Run was organised with all entry fees and donations going to research into this illness.

For two years running, Morten Harket from A Ha took part in this 5 mile race.  My family and I also ran and did so for several years.

Do you recognise yourselves in the picture? and ……… did you get to speak to Morten?

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  • I have all the documentation, photos and memorabilia still to the Barry Patmore cystic fibrosis runs, having helped organise it for years.

    By Nick Brown (05/08/2023)
  • The first race was 1983, and it was considerably longer than 5 miles. I was one of the competitors and knew Barry at school. The race then was named after Barry Patmore, ‘The Barry Patmore Mini Marathon’. A young man who was the inspiration for the event.

    By John Wilmington (31/07/2022)
  • My parents were friends of the Patmore family. We used to have a drinks station for the run outside our house and met Morten Harket. Also got Nick Faldo’s autograph one year.

    By Sarah Barker (30/01/2021)
  • Not sure if this was the same run that both Nick Faldo and Spurs GK Erik Thorstvedt came to the school for? I have their autographs somewhere plus I ran in that race and finished 18th

    By Graham Bradley (01/07/2020)
  • I’m not in the photo but think I may have won the first race. Having trained around Hanningfield reservoir, I warned some fellow athletes about the 4 mile climb. They thought I was trying to psych them out and didn’t believe me, but by the time I reached the top I had a significant lead and spent half the race looking over my shoulder wondering when the chasing group would appear.

    By david cripps (08/01/2020)
  • I’m not in the photo but I remember Barry very well. I lived next door to my godmother, Nelly Lovett, on Whist Ave. What an amazing lad he was. 

    By Christine Jones (14/10/2014)

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