Richard Bartlett, Mr. Bartlett with his dog and goose go collecting for charity

From The Malcolm Merrington collection

Since being involved in the Wickford history group, I have often been asked if I have seen a picture of Mr Bartlett with his dog and goose, who were seen in Wickford during the late 1940s and early 1950s.

Mr Bartlett was a retired Salvation Army officer who collected for local charities and the Salvation Army Self-Denial Fund.

An article in the Wickford Times dated Saturday 9th 1946 has a picture and article. The picture shows Ben, the Old English Sheepdog, and Billy the goose. By the time the picture was taken Ben had collected over £170.00 for various charities and was the proud possessor of a medal presented to him by the people of Wickford when he had collected one hundred guineas (£110).

Both photographs show the trio in the High street near Hall’s corner

Do you know where the medal is now and who presented it to him?

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  • I think the pictures were taken in the Broadway, just in front of where Bargainland is now.  Jersey Gardens can be seen in the second picture.

    By Peter Ostrowski (27/05/2017)

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