Wickfords WW2 Air Raid Wardens

Eric Henry Skingles WW2 ARP Steel Helmet. Presented to me during 1993 by the late Mr. Eric Skingle's family, another treasured piece of Wickford's wartime history.
Trevor Williams
Trevor Williams
Photograph shows the Identification Card and 1940 dated ARP Warden's whistle that formally belonged to ARP Warden Mr. George Crosher. George lived in a bungalow, "BERTIA", Linden Road, Brock Hill, Runwell, Wickford, Essex. The gentleman was a builder by profession and had a son, Tony, who also was tagged as George.
Trevor Williams
Shotgate ARP Wardens. Top Row:- Mr. Taylor, Mr. Austin, Mr.Wade, Mr. Heritage, Mr. Brown, Mr.Demur, Mr ...? Mr. Bishop, Mr. Copeman, Mr. Colens. Unfortunately we do not know the names of the people in the front row - can you name any of them?
Courtesy of Mr Denis Parker son of Mr WB Parker
Wickford's Wardens and Fire Watchers. This photograph comes courtesy of the late Mr. Eric H. Skingle, formally of 'Oundle', Wick Drive,.
Trevor Williams
Helmet and overalls. Mr. Parker is standing in the road at Russell Gardens, Shotgate, and the photograph was taken on the 5th September 1940. I was also very fortunate to obtain Warden Parker's wartime diaries, 1940-45.
Trevor Williams

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  • My mother was a warden also, and I kick myself because when the house in Linden Road was sold I left her helmet in the shed. I meant to pick it up.

    By bobcroot (19/03/2020)
  • My grandfather was an ARP warden in Wickford. I remember him telling me his station was behind a large pub in Wickford town centre. He is now no longer with us; however I have an uncle who is 85, living in Suffolk, who knows more about Wickford during the war and the ARPs


    By Barry read (04/12/2014)

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