75th Anniversary of VE Day (8th May 2020).

Memories of that day in 1945.

75 years on from Victory in Europe Day in 1945, in 2020 we celebrated in a somewhat restricted way owing to the government instructions for combatting the coronavirus.

We have a number of residents of Wickford, some of whom now live elsewhere, who have memories of 8th May 1945, and how they joined in the celebrations. It would be good to hear from them through adding their comments to this page. So if you remember what you were doing and what was happening in Wickford on 8th May 1945 please let us know.

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  • I was only five years old at the time, did not start school until I was six so no contact with people in the village. The only thing I do remember is the day the war end was announced on radio, skipping happily down the front garden path, then suddenly realising that I could not escape school any longer, and that filled me with more dread then anything caused by the war, which young children thought was normal and would go on for ever.

    By Lorraine Taylor. (11/05/2020)

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