The Glider that crashed on 24th March 1945.

Further to my original note and also the subsequent comments, which were appreciated, I think that I can now expand the detail. The date is significant - 24 March 1945 – that was the date of “Operation Varsity” an Anglo-American airborne landing in support of the British and American troops that had crossed the Rhine on the previous day. The British gliders were Horsas and Hammilcars towed by Stirling and Halifaax bombers. Some gliders carried troops, without support equipment (Jeeps & guns), others merely carried the equipment. Hence why the crashed glider had such a small crew. The gliders were constructed from wood.  

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  • From Trevor Williams:
    “Horsa Glider, serial no. RN493. This glider slipped its tow on the 24th March 1945. It landed 150 yds east of Hillside, Brock Hill, MR187147 Runwell. A Jeep and a 6 Pounder anti-tank gun were unloaded from it with a crew of five.
    This glider, looking at the date, was involved in “Operation Varsity“, the British Crossing of the Rhine by Airborne forces.”

    By Bob Plimmer (12/04/2020)

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