Sergeant Frederick Brewer

Wickford's Wartime Policeman ..Off duty

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  • When Sgt Brewer retired from the Police the family moved to to Wick Drive.

    By Geoff whiter (25/05/2018)
  • A few years back I bought a 1958 Ford Prefect classic car. Tracing its history, it was bought from The Broadway Service Station, in Wickford, by a Mr F.A. Brewer. Could this be the same person? The car was registered to an address in Wick Drive.

    By Ned Wilsher (21/05/2018)
  • I remember Sgt Brewer. He was well known by us youths of Wickford and Runwell. He would know you all by name, such as when I was caught giving a friend a ride on the crossbar of my bike, he said, “Ha, young Croot, I will be up to see your dad”, and he did. Those were the good old days, no real crime, as there is now.

    By bobcroot (09/11/2016)

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