Sergeant Frederick Brewer

Wickford's Wartime Policeman ..Off duty

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  • I remember Sgt. Brewer well. During the war I was with my father in the market. The black market in food was rife at the time. There was a lady (I don’t recall her name) who was well known for dealing in foodstuffs and as she was walking through the market with a large wicker basket covered with a cloth, Sgt. Brewer, who was dressed for rain and wearing his policeman’s cloak, stopped her. “Show me what you’ve got under that cloth,” he said. “I will if you show me what’s under your cloak,” she replied! They both laughed and went their separate ways.
    I also remember one evening, when a few of us boys were climbing scaffolding on the new houses being built in Highcliffe Road. He appeared, told us to get down and, when we did, we received a clout around the ear from his rolled-up cloak. Instant justice.

    By denis mitcheson (11/01/2019)
  • When Sgt Brewer retired from the Police the family moved to to Wick Drive.

    By Geoff whiter (25/05/2018)
  • A few years back I bought a 1958 Ford Prefect classic car. Tracing its history, it was bought from The Broadway Service Station, in Wickford, by a Mr F.A. Brewer. Could this be the same person? The car was registered to an address in Wick Drive.

    By Ned Wilsher (21/05/2018)
  • I remember Sgt Brewer. He was well known by us youths of Wickford and Runwell. He would know you all by name, such as when I was caught giving a friend a ride on the crossbar of my bike, he said, “Ha, young Croot, I will be up to see your dad”, and he did. Those were the good old days, no real crime, as there is now.

    By bobcroot (09/11/2016)

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