Pill Boxes and Gun Emplacements in Wickford

By The Railwayline towards Rayleigh
Trevor Williams
Gun Emplacement by Industrial Estate
Trevor Williams

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  • In the supermarket car park, Iceland and Co-op/Somerfields, by the railway, near the bridge going to the Wick, there is one hidden behind the back fence in the all the undergrowth. I remember exploring it in the 1980s. Goes underground.

    By Paul Marshall (22/02/2020)
  • According to stories I have read they had a supporting large ditch which was supposed to stop tanks, but in all my years I haven’t seen any evidence. Somebody might know.

    By bob croot (29/05/2015)
  • Does anyone know what happened to the one that was in the field further along the Crouch from Memorial Park, between the Park and the railway bridge (Southminster line)?

    By Eddie Franklin (12/08/2014)

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