Youth club at Methodist Church hall, Southend Road.

Photograph 1.
Photograph 2.
Photograph 3.
Photograph 4.

Thanks to John Rogers for these photographs of the youth club, taken in the 1960s when the club was run by Bill Nelson and his wife.

If you are able to identify yourself please put details in the comment section.

Please also add to the information we have about this lost youth club.

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  • My mistake – the one thought was me (second left , front row, picture 4) was my brother John, presumably he who supplied the pictures.

    By David Rogers (07/02/2018)
  • That’s me in picture 4, front row second from the left, but I don’t think those pictures were taken when Bill and Chris Nelson were in charge. I think it was earlier when John Archer was leader. John appears in picture one, back centre, leaning on the piano. John Emery on his left (facing) in specs and Rosie Griffin, also leader, on the piano chair.

    I struggle with most of the other faces, recognising some but the names lost. Picture 1, second from the right is Peter Gibbs.

    By David Rogers (07/02/2018)

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