St. Andrew's Church

Mission Hall, St Andrews, London Road, early 20th century
The inside of the new St. Andrew's Church, late 1960s
Pat Carlson
Clergy and members of St. Andrew's outside the church, late 1960s.
Pat Carlson.

The first church was built at the turn of the century (1902) as a Mission Hall to cater for those who lived at the western end of the parish and found it difficult to climb the hill to the Parish Church (St. Catherine’s, Southend Road).  This small Mission hall is still in use today as St. Andrew’s Centre.
In 1935 a new dual-purpose church dedicated to St. Andrew was built alongside the old Mission hall, but set back further from the road in almost the same position as the present church.
On Sundays Holy Communion and Evensong were celebrated, while during the week the building was used as a youth and community hall, with the floor marked out for tennis and badminton.
In served the London Road end of the parish until the second world war, when it was requisitioned by the army.
Both the effect of the war years, and heavy flooding in the town during several winters, led to a marked deterioration of the structure until it became necessary to demolish it and replace the church with a new building.
The new St. Andrew’s church constructed of brick and with a pine interior, was built by Messers Carter and Ward of Wickford and was dedicated by the Bishop of Chelmsford (The Rt.Rev. John Tiarks) on the feast of St. Andrew, 30th November 1964.
The cost of the new building was £18,000, towards which the diocese contributed £12,000, with the reminder being raised by the local congregation.

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  • Hello, I don’t know if you have the names of the people in this photo. Left to right, children unknown, Mr. Malcom Harrison, Mr. Clatworthy, Mrs. Ann Goldthorpe, Mr. Gordon Carter, Church Warden (I think), Rev. Fred Prance, Rev. Peter Goldthorpe, Herbert “Jim” Sutcliffe, Church Warden (my father), Miss. Pat Clampin, organist, Miss Mary Hunt, girls unkown, Andrew Sutcliffe (my brother). I have put children unknown but would need to check with my brother before naming them. I hope that this message is of help to you. Thank you for a very interesting site, Rosalind

    By Rosalind Yin (nee Sutcliffe) (25/10/2013)

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