The Salvation Army in Wickford - its hall, early 1900s

The Salvation Army hall taken in the early 1900’s.

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  • Hello,

    The former citadel on Runwell Road was set back a bit further from the road that the Legion.

    This photo came from a cousin and it would have been taken by, or for, Frank Carter (1860-1940) who was a prominent member of the Salvation Army.

    By James Nason (06/01/2021)
  • I am currently researching Salvation Army buildings in Wickford and Runwell and therefore find this photo interesting. The location is not stated. Although looking all set up for a Salvation Army meeting it does not quite appear right. A flag would be expected to be in the picture and one of the few pieces of Salvation Army ‘church’ furniture – the Mercy Seat – is missing. The dimensions are suggestive that it may be the inside of the former Citadel which is now the British Legion in Runwell (I have not yet visited). So if it is this building, I wonder if the photo was taken after the Salvation Army left. (The Citadel in Jersey Gardens opened in 1925.) The first Salvation Army building in the area was opened in March 1894. I wonder if this forms the basis of today’s Legion or whether it came before that building. I would welcome any thoughts. Thank you.

    By Martin Whybrow (Major) (12/06/2018)

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