It fell off the back of a lorry!

David De'ath
David De'ath
David De'ath
David De'ath
Jo Cullen
Jo Cullen
Jo Cullen
Jo Cullen

On Sunday the 18th May 2014 at 7.45pm I was on my way home, driving along Crays Hill and approaching the double bend in the road when I saw the blue flashing lights of a police car just past the first bend. I slowed down and could see the police car parked across the road in front of me. I was allowed past and laying on the grass was a traction engine. It had fallen off the low loader trailer transporting it home from a show.

I carried on to the ‘Shepherd and Dog’ public house where I parked and, taking my camera, walked back to the site of the accident. There were about ten people standing round talking. I asked the police man if I could take photos. He said “Yes”, so I took these four pictures.

I found out afterwards that the traction engine was on its way home from a Young Farmers Show at Roxwell and returning to Barleylands. It was one of Barleylands main attractions called “The Giant Panther”. It was built in 1927 and is a Fowler Ploughing Engine. It is one of a pair which have been restored over the last few years and is regularly used in ploughing competitions at Barleylands’ Country Shows.

It will cost thousands of pounds to restore it.

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  • According to the Barleyland show magazine, final cost was £110,000, and this was the last big show after 30years.

    By Robert Howard (30/09/2016)
  • I spent the weekend at Barleylands Country Show in the Discovery Centre where this traction engine is stored awaiting repair. I have added photos of the more visible damage, estimated cost of repair is £100,000. That’s before the engine has been stripped and inspected for less obvious damage.

    I used David’s photos to show visitors what had caused the damage to the traction engine.

    By Jo Cullen (16/09/2014)
  • Hello Dave De’ath.

    I had been told about this ‘mishap’ by an old mate of mine, name of JIM MUNDEN, who at some time was manager at S C Darby.

    For those who may recall Jim, he is now 88, living alone at Danbury, and still plays golf, off a low handicap, and still is winning the money!!

    Thank you so much for being in the right place to take this historic picture.

    By Dennis Smith (25/07/2014)
  • I can remember traction engines like that on the roads towing all their equipment for threshing wheat, etc. If you were on a pushbike you were lucky if you didn’t end up in a ditch, especially on going up Brock Hill, as I did in early 1950s.

    They used to tow three or four large trailers, like an Australian road train. I am sure they couldn’t see a poor cyclist. Then came the Field Marshal tractor which was a quarter of the size but still as dangerous when pulling the same amount of trailers.

    By Bob Croot (27/06/2014)

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