London Road, with Ivy Cottage on the right

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  • Ivy Cottage in London Road, Wickford, is logged in Basildon council’s poll-tax register as being an early 17th century cottage. In fact, after various checks and investigations, we think that the cottage is in fact of earlier structure. This has been provisionally confirmed by an employee in the Heritage Department. Taking into consideration the structure of the cottage, i.e. walls, beams, Tudor bricks, leaded windows, door hinges, latches etc., it could be as early as late 16th century to early 17th century, which we are talking Elizabethan to James 1/Charles 1. Brass rubbings taken from a plaque from the front of the cottage shows a man and a woman in Tudor dress.

    By Mr. Robert Jarman (owner) (01/01/2019)

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