Where was this bridge that the flood waters went over?

Recently I was able to copy a friend’s newspaper cuttings from the time of the Wickford floods. I think these cuttings should be shared with others.

The comment below the photograph read: –

MR RICHARD  BODY MP, visited flood-stricken areas in Wickford and Basildon on Thursday. He is pictured with Mr. W. Cleaver posing to show the height of the river gates at Wickford. Both men were over 6ft. tall, and the waters in flood poured over the top of the bridge.

I do not know which newspaper the photograph appeared in but the handwritten date of the cutting is 6 September 1958.

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  • Picture is of the River Crouch where it flows under the railway near the High Street. The gate was to divert water into a pond situated where the car park now is behind Suttons. The pond was created by the railway company to feed water to the station for the refilling of steam engines.

    By Charles Young (01/03/2018)

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