News of the flood of 1958 goes out to the nation.

As shown by Pathe News.

Pathe News - Protests after town floods.

The flood of September 1958 was so dramatic that it was featured on national news, as well as being seen in an Italian newspaper. Pathe News, popular at cinemas, showed the effects of the downpour that caused severe flooding around central parts of the town.

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  • Hi, the water in these pictures was taken a day or so after the big flood as I was one of seven young people who walked through it and at Boldens, the shed people, and the fire station it was 5ft deep and up to my shoulders and I was 5ft 10in at the time according to my R.A.F. records. We walked from Victoria Avenue to Halls Corner, and i cannot swim.

    By BOBCROOT (11/10/2019)

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