Aerial view of Halls Corner - Wickford Floods

At Wickford fifteen passengers were marooned on the top deck of a bus until they were rescued by an Army amphibious vehicle.

Halls Corner arial view
Kathy Racher

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  • As I have mentioned elsewhere on this site, we walked past this bus about 12 midnight, the water came up to my shoulders and I am 5ft 10in tall. After a night courting we got stranded and finally seven of us, four lads and three girls, walked from Louvaine Avenue down and through the High Street, past the bus, but our girls had to be in by 10 o’clock, so we had to do it.

    By bobcroot (19/04/2017)
  • My cousin was one of the passengers on board the stranded bus. As it approached Halls Corner, the driver obviously had no idea how deep the water was and how quickly it was rising. The passengers were told to go upstairs to the upper deck and wait until help came. It came in the form of a DUKW and they were eventually rescued through the emergency back upstairs window onto this vehicle.

    By SANDRA ELLIS (nee Flexman) (11/11/2013)
  • Someone has pointed out on another photograph that the amphibious vehicle, a DUKW, was ex-army and owned by Silva Carter.

    By Bob Plimmer (18/11/2011)

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