Wickford at War

Second World War bomb blast in the Broadway

Pictures of the aftermath of a Second World War bomb exploding in the Broadway, Wickford, just outside Adcock’s Newsagents

A Mr.White was just coming out of the Swan Public House when he was pinned to the floor by his foot with some shrapnel from the blast. Mr.White survived but his injuries left him with a lifelong limp.

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  • These two photographs show damage from one of two German Landmines dropped on the 2nd October 1940. One was to fall on Standard House, Swan Lane which killed Cecil, Gertrude and Molly Pratt and their Spaniel dog….and the other fell in the bottom corner of Wickford’s Cricket ground ….and it’s this mine which caused the damage to Wickford Broadway…..note the damage is blast damage…..which is what the landline was specifically designed to create. They resembled something like your average emersion heater tank, only bigger…….suspended from a parachute they would float down on their target and their destructive capabilities was horrendous. The German Luftwaffe usually dropped these mines in twos. As recorded on the night of the 2nd October 1940.

    By T.A.Williams (25/08/2012)

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