Information and photographs needed. Can you help?

Articles and photographs (for scanning) are needed about Wickford fetes, carnivals and VE celebrations, including street parties.

The site is short of photographs and articles about Wickford market, an important part of the town’s history.

There is no archive material available about the ambulance service in Wickford.  Does anyone have photographs or memories?

Wickford Library and Wickford Community Centre are coming up to their 50th anniversaries.  We need photographs and memories of past events.  Can you help?

Does anyone remember, or have a photo of, Timberlog Cottage, which stood on the corner until about 1960 when the redevelopment took place?  B.Willets.

Thank you Barrie Adcock for your input about Mr Gigney’s driver.  I wonder if it is the same person that drove for Englishs. From further research I have done with the Model T register it appears that it may not have been a purpose built van, but could have been converted locally in Wickford.  I wonder if any such records exist from local garages of the period.  John Wells.

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  • Wondered if anyone remembers the Wickford Tally man – Lenny/Leonard? Around 1950, I think he was in the job quite a while. Was looking for a surname? Thanks

    By Nick Moran (15/09/2019)
  • Re Trevor Corner’s comment: There was a shop called Pollards, though I can’t remember where it was on the High Street.

    By Kevin Mears (05/05/2019)

    By ALAN HIGLEY (31/08/2016)
  • The co-op used to be where New look is today, before that it was in the Broadway where the Greek fish shop is. The Co op butchers was to the left of it, with rabbits and chickens hanging over the pavements. In the co-op you chose what you wanted then they wrapped it up, and we are still alive.                                                           

    By B0b croot (06/05/2014)
  • From Trevor Corner

    I really wanted to know if anyone had pictures of inside some old shops. Peter Jones toy shop is something I’d love to have a look at again. Does anyone have pictures before The Willows was built,  before Peacocks was in the town. I’m sure I remember a Pollards wool shop? A DIY shop? Old Co-op?

    By Geoff Whiter (18/03/2014)
  • When I attended Wickford County Junior School we used to walk down to the Community Centre for our school lunch. I think it was just the 3rd and 4th year that did, but I’m not sure.

    By J Shelley (11/05/2013)
  • My father, Frank (Bob) Roberts, was on the fundraising committee for the Community Centre. Also on the committee were Mr. Land, Mr. Stone, Eric Merrin, Bill Proud and Colin Tyrell. There was a “buy a brick” scheme to raise funds and many raffles were also held. Mrs. Harvey, who owned the market, let them have a stall free of charge, to sell items to help the funds. There were also free film shows held where people donated money on their way out. Margaret Upton of the Mala School of Dancing held shows and pantomimes at the Senior School in Market Road. This is now the Junior School. Proceeds from the shows were donated to the Community Centre fund. The committee met at The Castle pub and I remember a party was held for the children with most of the items being donated by large national firms. I believe they had to raise £6000 before Basildon Council would pay the remainder. My father, aged 94, is still alive and living in Wickford.

    By Diane Rieper (nee Roberts) (01/07/2012)

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