Wickford Carnival Queens

Your Help is needed to date and name all the queens

We are trying to find a photo of each of the Wickford Carnival Queens, and to name and date them.   I have read that there has been a carnival in Wickford for over 90 years and although we have photos of some of the early floats we do not have photos or information of earlier Queens . Can you help?

Date         Name                             Photo

1937        Miss Stevens

1945        Molly Coxhead                 Y

1946        Kathleen Clarke                 Y

1948        Joyce Witlock                    Y

1963         Vina Water                       Y

1963 & 1964    Sandra Ellis            Y

1965         Susan Reeves                   Y

1966         Patricia Bird                      Y

1967         Ann Camp                        Y

1968         Michelle Thirkettle             Y

1969         Lesley Ince                       Y

1969         Shelley Mole Jnr. Queen     Y

1970         Kathleen Mileman              Y

1971         Michelle Thirkettle              Y

1973         Diana Dagg                      Y

1974         Sandra Callaghan              Y

1976         Kim Brown                       Y

1979         Wendy Cussons                Y

1980        Tracy Bell                            Y

1981          Evelyn Sharp                     Y

1982          Enita Eastman                  Y

1983          Keeley Smith                    Y

1984           Joslyn Camp                    Y

1985           Karen Shelford                  Y

1986           Stephanie Pummel           Y

1987           Zoe Watson                     Y

1988          Esther Cowlbeck              Y

1989           Patricia Jerman                Y

1990           Jenny Mooney                  Y

1991           Angela Nutbrown            Y

1993           Heidi Stecher                   Y

1995           Tracey Line

1996           Helen Hyde

2001           Sarah Webb


2006        Carley (?)                          Y

2007        Reinne Lowe                      Y

2008        Debbie Jenson

2009        Rachel Gunnell                   Y

?              Elaine Hurst

2010        Aimee Lowe

2011        Sarah Taylor                       Y

2012           Leanne Giles                   Y

2013       Georgina Sutton                 Y

2015       Amy Cross                         Y

(We have no name or date for this Queen. Can you help us?)
1948 Carnival Queen (but who was she?)
Vina Water 1963
Brenda Phillips
When Vina Water resigned early Sandra Ellis took over the work as Carnival Queen 1963
Brenda Phillips
1964 Sandra Ellis is crowned Queen
Brenda Phillips
Susan Reeves 1965
Brenda Phillips
Carnival Queen Patricia Bird with her court on Silva Carter's boat 1966
Jennifer Willatt
Michelle Thirkettle
Ann Camp 1967
Lesley Ince 1968/69
1969 Junior Queen Shelley Mole no names for other queens
Kathleen Millman 1970
Michell Thirkettle 1971
Echo Newspapers
Diana Dagg and carnival court 1973
Sandra Callaghan 1974
Kim Brown 1976
Echo Photo
Wendy Cussons and her carnival court 1979
Tracy Bell, 1980
Evelyn Sharp 1981
Echo Newspapers
Enita Eastwell 1982
Echo Newspapers
Joslyn Camp 1984
Echo Newspapers
(?) Karen Shelford or Stephanie Pummel, 1985.
Echo Newspapers
(?) Karen Shelford or Stephanie Pummel, 1986
Echo Newspapers
Zoe Watson 1987
Echo Newspapers
Esther Cowlbeck 1988
Echo Newspapers
Patricia Jerman 1989
Echo Newspapers
Jenny Mooney 1990
Echo Newspapers
Angela Nutbrown 1991
Echo Newspapers
Heidi Stecher 1993
Tracy Line, 1995
2006 Carley and the Wickford Court
Rachael Gunnell
2007, Reinne Lowe as Queen and her court.
Rachael Gunnell
2009, Wickford Court with Rachael Gunnell as Queen.
Rachael Gunnell
Sarah Taylor 2011
Leanne Giles 2012
Georgina Sutton 2013
Amy Cross 2015

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  • My sister Sandra Callaghan won Carnival Queen back in 1974

    By Teresa maskell nee Callaghan (09/10/2019)
  • 3am realisation: the other senior princess was called Debbie!  Now just to remember the name of the Junior Queen.

    By Sue (Susie) Holden (24/08/2016)
  • I was junior princess in 1978 (with worst hair cut ever and a front tooth missing, I think the judges were having a laugh that year, I got in by giving witty answers to their questions).  I know we had our photos taken by the geezers from Wickford Camera Club, as I think all the courts did at that time.  So someone from there might have a collection of them. My copies are buried in an attic somewhere.

    The senior queen was called Kay (long hair, Charlie’s Angel flick, hairsprayed hard) and one the senior princesses was called Lynda/Linda (dark shiny bob), the other I can’t remember her name (Michelle perhaps?) (but I remember the haircut: mid-length curly and flicked!).

    In the 1979 court above I think the princess on the left is called Jane.

    I enjoyed the carnivals and dances after each one – each finishing with Hi Ho Silver Lining – and had my first alcohol (a brandy!) on a particularly cold torchlight carnival when someone took pity on us, shivering in polyester dresses!

    By Sue Holden (22/08/2016)
  • You can contact us on our email wickfordhistory@gmail.com

    You can also meet us at wickford library where we have a permanent exhibition of a selection of photos from the site

    By Geoff Whiter (20/06/2016)
  • Hello, I’ve commented on this post before. I was 2009 Wickford Carnival Queen and my princesses were Sarah and Claire. Is there an email address I can send my photos to? Also I have photos of the court from the year before (2008) where Reinne Lowe was Queen and I was a princess.

    By Rachael Gunnell (12/01/2016)
  • I was Wickford Carnival Princess in year 2006 and also Junior Queen in year of 2008 I believe.

    I was crowned Carnival Queen in 2010.

    Amazing years I had being involved in the Carnival Court from 2006 all the way up until 2010. 

    By Aimee Lowe (23/03/2015)
  • The photo underneath the 1967 photo is of my sister, Junior Queen Shelley Mole, aged 13. 1969 I believe the junior princess was called Linda but I do not remember any of the adults.

    By Tracey Wright (06/11/2014)
  • I was involved with the carnival from about 1984 till about 1993. I started off as a junior princess and was senior queen and princess as well as being part of the deputy courts. And my younger siblings were involved. Get in contact if you would like any more information 

    By Tricia (01/06/2014)
  • I was in the carnival for 3 years. First as Wickford Junior Princess where there were about 6-8 court members. Second year I was Wickford Junior Queen when Rianne Lowe was the senior queen. And in my third year in 2009 I was crowned Wickford Senior Queen and my princesses were Sarah Taylor and Claire.  I have photos which I will send over if you want me to. Yours sincerely, Rachael Gunnell.

    By Rachael (18/02/2014)

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