Runwell Residents

Runwell Residents' Annual Fayres

Runwell residents held many successful fetes and fayres throughout the 1970s and 80s.

They were originally held in the Runwell Hall gardens, but as they became very popular they moved over the road to the larger St. Mary’s vicarage gardens in Church End Lane.  They usually had a theme, and these pictures represent “Ye Olde Runwell Fayre” (1976) and the “Cockney Fete” (1981).

Profits from the fayres were donated to local charities e.g. Runwell Hospital, Runwell School and St.Mary’s Church, Runwell.

Headmistress of Runwell School at that time was Miss Pope.  She was a very popular headmistress (especially with the dads) and would always support the fetes.  The day she volunteered to go into the “throw a wet sponge at the teacher” boosted the takings quite a bit.

Do you recognise anyone?

Top picture of these three shows a wet Miss Pope
Middle Picture shows Jody Sloane and Carol Wright. Bottom picture shows Paul Self and Craig Sloane

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  • Top photo: Ye Old Runwell Fayre.

    Standing Left to Right: Mr Fred Wells, Mrs Sylvia Wells, Mr Peter Minnie, Norma Kempson, No.5 ?, Mrs Kempson, Mr Bert Croker, No.8?, Mrs Jean Minnie, No 10 ?, Mr John Estel, Mrs Estel, No.13 ?, No.14?, No.15?, No.16?

    Front row Left to Right: Mr David De’Ath, No.18?, No.19 young girl, Mr Ron Hoad, Maureen Bailey, Mrs Dolly Hoad.

    Daniel Smith, sorry the man with the moustache is not your Uncle Bernard Smith, it is Peter Minnie.

    By David De`Ath. (12/04/2022)
  • Top picture, far left, my Mum and Dad, Fred and Sylvia Wells. Front left kneeling, David DeAth, front far right kneeling, Dolly Hoad and next but one to her, her husband Ron Hoad. I remember these fetes so well. Met my husband Kim Went at one of these fetes.

    By Sally Went (04/10/2021)
  • I recognise the guy with the moustache on the left of top picture. It is my uncle, Bernard Smith, now deceased.😔

    By Daniel smith (19/11/2018)
  • I think the girl wearing pink in the photo with Miss Pope is Katie Sheehy.

    By Karen West (01/09/2015)

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