Southend Road Bridge (3)

The bridge that lost its hump

Wickford Bridge spanned the River Crouch at the lower end of Southend Road. It was narrow and was a hump bridge. Traffic was limited, carts and carriages could not pass on the bridge and as the town became busier a  wider flatter bridge was needed. The new bridge was opened in 1915.

The new by-pass, built at the end of the 1970s, cut off the bridge end of the road. It is now called Lower Southend Road.

The hump back bridge, early1900s
Donated by Mrs B. Foward
Wickford bridge and Lower Southend Road,2011.
Jo Cullen
The plaque on the bridge commerating its opening in 1915.
Jo Cullen

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  • I believe the Southend Road bridge was opened by a late King George on his way to his yacht at Burnham on Crouch. I have seen a picture of this with a very bearded king cutting tape but don’t know where. Could somebody please confirm this to us.

    By bob croot (11/08/2012)

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