Ramsden WW1 Anti Aircraft Battery

These two photos show the WW1 Anti aircraft battery and crew at Ramsden in 1918.

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  • During the second world war my dad’s family got bombed out of Stratford and rehoused in Ramden Heath. He began courting the daughter of the landlord of the ‘Shepherd and Dog’. Apparently the army stationed an AA searchlight in the field next door to the pub. Seen as very unfair – attracting German bombers – and made people nervous.

    By Terry Wood (14/06/2017)
  • Do you know where the battery was sited?

    In many articles there is mention of German Zeppelins & planes encountering heavy AA fire in the Billericay area. Are these the same guns? 

    I would appreciate it if Geoff (or anyone else) can throw any light on the above.

    Regards, Eric.

    By Eric Lamb (27/08/2016)
  • In the Second World War the anti-aircraft guns in Runwell were mobile. Whenever there was an air raid a lorry and ack ack gun would appear and the soldiers would set the gun up and continue firing at the bombers, which would be lit up by the searchlights. This could happen at the entrance to any of the side roads, which were unmade at the time.

    By bobcroot (21/01/2016)

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