Views of Wickford Broadway, including during the First World War.

This photograph is of the Broadway during the First World War. The two buildings in the foreground are still standing . Do you recognize them?
Marion Hurst
The Broadway during the 19920s/1930s. Perhaps you can date the photograph more precisely?
The Broadway outside the building which used to be Barclays Bank. The photograph is possibly from the 1960s.
The Broadway in 1964.
Runwell Garages in the early 1970s. (Note the price of fuels).
Swan Garages, c.1980.

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  • I was born on the Broadway in 1946, next store to the butchers to the left and the camera shop to the right.

    By David Jones (18/04/2020)
  • This looks like a view from outside the old Castle pub (now Aldi’s) looking towards the Swan, which is about midway along on the left, where the second group of people are. The house on the right still exists (probably not for much longer) where the road is narrow at the zebra crossing. The shop on the left with the upstairs bay windows still exists and is I think currently the jewellers.

    By David Underwood (16/05/2017)
  • The house on the right looks like the house that used to be next to the Swan pub in the late 40/50s. The family who lived there at that time was the Jermeys who went to school while I was there. I remember the hedge, does anybody remember them?

    By BOBCROOT (27/09/2012)

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