The oldest piece of street furniture in Wickford

Our milestone

Hidden away, near a wall opposite Hall’s Corner, at the junction of Nevendon Road and London Road stands our milestone.  The roads used to meet at a  T-junction before the road to the by-pass was built. The milestone points the way to London 29miles, Southend 12 miles and Rayleigh 5 miles Now covered in moss and grime it rarely gets a glance from passersby.
I don’t know how many years it must have stood there but it must have seen the village of Wickford grow, with the coming of the railway and buses to a busy market town. Its High Street become packed with shops that served the whole town and surrounding areas  needs, and now its decline of closing shops and shrinking market.

Wickford milestone
Jo Cullen

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  • I remember this well. When I was young (1960s) I scraped away some of the soil around the base as I noticed there was more text below. It seems to have been fully exposed now. Originally there was a doctors’ surgery or house behind it, next to the bike shop.

    By Kevin Mears (09/09/2023)

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