Gas Explosion in Wickford

November 1971.

Photographs from the Echo archive.

In November 1971 there was a gas explosion outside the post office in Lower Southend Road. Press Gas Contractors were brought in to carry out a repair on the gas main.

As signs of the times, we can see a Ford Anglia just along the road, a pram left outside the post office, the happy men chatting nearby, whilst one of the workmen in the hole is enjoying a cigarette. (It was before the introduction of the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act!)

Priority House is just behind the telephone boxes, and the bypass didn’t exist.

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  • I think the sign ‘men at work’ is now banned by PC brigade idiots. Love the second photo – 4 guvnors and 2 workers, nothing changes. Mind you, it looks wet, so everyone would be sitting in vans today!

    By rf howard (24/11/2018)

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