Early views of the centre of Wickford

Courtesy of the Frew family

1.Wickford Broadway c1900

2.Wickford High Street c1893

3.Wickford Swan Lane, undated. Note the flooding, apparently the river Crouch flooded at this point on a regular basis.

4.Wickford High Street c1893

5.” Ladybrow” the Frew family home, c1907, in Wickford High Street.  Note the advertisement for Gigneys on the gate.

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  • I would love any information on the building that currently houses Natwest on the High Street. We were convinced that it was haunted by a person so something had happened there in the past as we would often hear footsteps coming up the stairs and the doors opening.

    By Kirsty Smith (12/07/2022)
  • I remember visiting Ladybrow as a child and a teenager to see the doctor. The surgery was down the right hand side of the house. I cannot remember if it was purpose built or already there as part of the property. I remember the Doctors Frew – two brothers, if I remember correctly, and their father who used to wear a hat on home visits and swished his thermometer around the goldfish bowl! I also remember a Doctor Anderson who lived in a large house somewhere right out on the road to the Hanningfields. This was in the fifties and sixties.

    By Marion Mellon Née Carter (18/02/2015)
  • I remember the river used to flood every time it rained in the mid forties. I used to walk down Swan Lane to school in them days and I used to go back home and say “I can not go to school, Wickford is flooded”.  I suppose I could have got through, it was about 6-9 inches deep outside the Swan public house, as you can see by the picture.

    By BOBCROOT (11/12/2012)

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