Building in Lower Southend Road

This house stood in Lower Southend Road beside the subway. It was a dentist’s surgery at one time.

copyright Barry Wade

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  • I lived in this house, 24 Southend Road, from 1959 until February 1967. It had about 200 rose bushes when my family bought it. My parents lived there until about 1968/1970. There was no subway when I lived there.

    Methodist church was next door on the left. A new home was built next to the church around 1961ish. A bungalow belonging to the Wright family was to the right.

    The “new” post office was across the street. The green grocer next to PO, a baker/small shop, and a few doors down was a sweet shop owned by a man my dad knew from WWII.

    By Jane Cocking (Garton) (19/08/2023)
  • The dentist was Keanes. My uncle Bill (William) Brassett and his daughter, Sandra, lived in one of the bungalows near the dentist that was demolished to make way for the road. They were relocated to Linden Road, Wickford, where he lived until his death in 2000.

    By Jacqueline Oldman nee Brassett (04/06/2018)
  • I moved away in 1968 and went back on a motorbike around 1980. I turned into Southend Road from the High Street, to thunder up the pair of hills that used to be there ….. only to find to my horror – a dead end.  I almost cried when I saw that they had destroyed the brickfields to create a terrible housing estate. So many memories crushed in an instant.

    By Eddie Franklin (12/08/2014)
  • I can recall visiting that dentist during the early to mid ’70s. I can remember the bungalow almost opposite (next to the Rotary Club) that was demolished to make way for the bypass. I went to Wickford C of E school in about 1967 with a girl called Anita Richardson who lived there. She had a younger sister too. I can recall her telling the story of why she was moving – to make way for a new road!

    By John Wilkinson (17/06/2013)

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