An unusual view of Wickford Market, early 1900s

Wickford Market
Marian Hurst
Is this another view of Wickford market? Or another market altogether?

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  • The shop in this photo is Harringtons, newsagent and sweetshop.  I worked for Harringtons for two years as a morning paperboy.  I was paid 1/8d per day and 2/6d on Sundays, a total of 12/6d per week.  It was hard work.  The weather sometimes was quite awful, and the distances I rode considerable, but it made me extremely fit.

    That was back in the late 1950s, but I can still remember the layout of the shop, and Mr Harrington and his wife.

    By Martin Bishop (22/06/2017)
  • Amazing. As there was a Harringtons sweet shop at the bottom of Jersey Gardens, when I lived in Wickford during the 40s and early 50s. I also remember the arcade shops, a shoe repairers near to Harringtons and Sadds Builders yard in Jersey Gardens.

    By Lorraine Taylor (30/03/2015)
  • The shop you can see top left I believe was Harringtons, newsagents, and where the people are standing is now the old arcade. The 251 bus used to stop there opposite the Castle pub.

    By charles young (04/11/2012)

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